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Stored in Microsoft HealthVault

drug information
Stored in Microsoft HealthVault medication therapy management
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MedicalAbacus is a multifunction medical and drug information software and app for physicians and medical students. MedicalAbacus App is available for iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod Touch® users in the App Store. MedicalAbacus Online is available for interface with hospitals and medical institutions softwares. MedicalAbacus features the following four applications: Drug Information, Medical Calculators, Drug Identification and Therapeutics Consult. MedicalAbacus is intended for use by health care professionals, and use by the general public is discouraged.

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Seniors / Aging news headlines provided courtesy of Medical News Today.
Disclaimer: ApoThera pharmaceutical consultations are based solely on the information provided by the patient and it is designed to supplement your knowledge about your medication. Any changes about the use of medications should NOT be initiated without the authorization of prescribing physician(s). The Drug Regimen Review (DRR) provided by ApoThera is NOT a substitute for a professional medical advice provided by your physicians. Consult your physician for diagnosis and treatment of your medical condition. You must present our written recommendation to your physician for final review before initiating any changes in your drug regimen.